We are currently HIRING!!!

Lead/Assistant Artists

Southeastern WI, Hampton Roads, VA, & Arvada, CO areas


Contact: ourartsdesirebyckks@gmail.com


Our Arts Desire by CKKS is looking for outgoing, talented artists to manage and attend two-hour in-home art parties.  Artists should enjoy painting and speaking in front of large groups of people, communicate instruction to customers on how to enhance/create their paintings, and be able to adapt their style and teaching methods to the unique needs of each group of customers. 


Business Description

Our Arts Desire by CKKS provides in-home art parties to customers along with partnering with local businesses for art party events. The Art Party is designed to bring creativity and fun to customers in the comfort of their own home!  In addition, we will bring sample paintings for them to try, that we can coach them through, or if they are feeling adventurous and want to create a unique piece, they can do that too!  We provide all the supplies needed for them to paint their own masterpiece. After two hours with us, the customer will walk out with their newly created painting while we clean up all the mess!


Mission Statement

To provide a comfortable environment for people to relax, paint and have fun with their friends and family.



At the customer's home or public entity.


Time Commitment

Our Arts Desire Artists' schedules are flexible and work on an as needed basis based on the demands of the parties. Most parties generally take place during evenings on the weekdays along with Saturdays and Sundays. 



See compensation table attached to contract.


Application Requirements

1.       Must be at least 18 years old.

2.       Must have a valid driver’s license

3.       Must be able to work weekday evenings and/or weekends. 

4.       Must be willing to promote Our Arts Desire by CKKS through personal networks and social media. 


Preferred Qualifications

1.       Excellent painting skills and experience with acrylic paints.

2.       Excellent oral communication and public speaking skills.

3.       Team player with an understanding of customer service, a positive attitude, and passion for art.



We are always looking for energetic individuals who have a passion for sharing art with the southeastern WI, surrounding Suffolk, VA, or Arvada, CO  communities and would like to be a part of Our Arts Desire team.  To apply, please send an email with the following application materials to ourartsdesirebyckks@gmail.com

1. Brief cover letter
2. Resume/CV 
3. Preferred by not required: examples of artwork or how you are involved in the art community