What if I never painted before?


It’s not a problem! We have artists there that will help coach you through your paintings and also offer advice on colors and techniques!

How much does it cost?


For adult parties, guests pay $18 for an 8x10 canvas, $25 for an 11x14 canvas or $35 for a 16x20 canvas. For kids parties or Young at Heart parties, guests pay $10 for an 8x10 canvas. As a reminder, as the host, you get to paint for FREE (with a minimum of five paying guests).

What is included in the fee?


All art supplies (canvas, paint, brushes), aprons (for in home art parties – not guaranteed for larger events), tablecloths to cover your tables, step-by-step instructions to many different sample paintings you can choose from and an artist to help coach you through the painting!




How long are art parties?


Adult art parties are two hours in duration while kids and Young at Heart parties are one hour in duration. (Our Arts Desire staff will arrive approximately 15-30 minutes prior to your event to set up).


Is there a minimum number of guests?


We do not require a minimum number of guests but do require a $75 minimum payment for a two hour party or a $50 minimum payment for a one hour party. Also, if you are the host and would like to paint for free, you need to have a minimum of five paying guests (BUT there is NO maximum!).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)